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Ordering's really this easy!

Ordering with Primo Water On Demand couldn't be any easier. Customers have two convenient options to place an order for water delivery:


    • Logged into your account, click the order link in the header section.
    • Simply select the number of bottles for delivery using the plus/minus buttons and click Order Now. 
    • A checkout cart will appear on the right side of the page, select Place Order when you are ready to order. 
    • We delivery next business day at no added fee!
Online Ordering - Primo Water 5 GallonCheckout Cart - 5 Gallon Primo Water


    • Using the mobile phone number on your account, text the word order to 336-606-0033. 
    • We'll let you know when your last order was and how many bottles were delivered. 
    • Simply text the number of bottles you'd like to order.
    • We confirm the order and delivery next business day at no added fee!

    Primo Water On Demand - Text Ordering 5 Gallon Water